Gano clinic tells you : “HELP US”

N’Gano is a small village in the Matam region of Senegal. It is mainly inhabited by peulh ethnic.


In GANO , access and quality of education remain major problems , particularly affecting children in rural areas. HOPE began operations with emergency assistance provided to schools and clinic.


The “Destination Haiti-School” program is conducted in partnership with the Foundation Paradis Indians, who built a dozen primary schools to give access to education to all children of the town of apricots, a vast territory . The quality of education is a strong values of the store network. The support was developed for the benefit of 2,500 students in these primary schools.


annual presentation of school supplies (notebooks, pencils, chalk …) and books to 10 schools to allow underprivileged children who attend to work in good conditions.


The Gano clinic was creates in 1990 by the association of villagers. Indeed, it received the aid of foreign agencies and associations such as “La croix rouge” or “Handou Horé Ma”.

Today, the Gano clinic needs us so HOPE decide to help them and you can do it too by becoming a member association.

Moreover , the clinic is composed of a general practitioner and midwife .
Howover, apart from the fact that there is a lack of employee we can observe that there is a lack of equipment and accessories required to care too.

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Why not an High School in Ngano !

The city of Saint-dié des vosges support an unusual action of   solidarity the construction of  a school in Senegal in the village of Gano after had building two tears ago an college. The     village of Gano is extremely poor in infrastructure
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Awareness of educational issues, HOPE for the futur decided to set up o cooperation project. Gino primary school is equipped with tables, books and notebooks. Noting that there was no high school has about 200 student was forced to leave their villages to study in another city. HOPE has worked to set up a project to build a school for ten classes to ease students and reduce their expenses. 


The city of Saint-dié almost unanimously has agreed to support this project with 42 000 euros budget. Despite the very different demande and support of the Embassy of France, the school going to build also with the donor and solidarity sponsors.

Currently, the building is covered. It remains to complete the plaster and plumbing, ask grids external bays and realize the paintings. The funding sought for finishing is 13 500 euros. The festival ‘Stars of the city” organized by Sandosham must contribute in part : 1 euro per ticket will be dedicated to this support.

In the end, the construction should cost less than expected and allow to accommodate 400 students. Other initiatives have emerged, HOPE starting collect to finance a kindergarden.
















Construction of Football Field

Indeed, nganonabés youth practice football every day this is part of their main hobbies. They have several football team defined by housing sector and every six months, a tournament is held.

The HOPE goal is to offer villagers the opportunity to enjoy their leisure in the best conditions with the proper equipment .

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Since the 3th march 2008,the Matam region affected a hectare to GANO villagers so he can build a football field .

However, the association of the village A.S.C can’t gather the funds to build the soccer field . We are now in 2016 and any construction has begun.





HOPE “Espoir pour l’avenir”

Our actions

Find out here all the shares of HOPE that make us proud every day, thanks to you ! Continue to provide help to the poorest people


HOPE is an association that wants to help humanity. The latter saw the day February 25, 2016. It was created by a group of three young women all aged between 25 and 30 years.

The association defends three main values: solidarity, respect and transparency.

  • SOLIDARITY: direct assistance and without intermediary to every people who need
  • RESPECT: all our actions are characterized by respect for each people with out discrimination one sexe, religion, opinion and ethnicity
  • TRANSPARENCY: every euro paid to the Association is fully available to finance the current project

The association decided to intervene in this three majors poles:





We decided enforce all to carry through our actions and reach our goals. The main goal of the HOPE association is to help the people in need where exclusion, illiteracy and poverty premium.